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I come from proud a family that whole-heartedly believes in serving others and being a voice for those that cannot be heard. I want to work for you and for our great City of Clearwater. It does not matter to me if you live in Countryside, Morningside, Downtown, the Beach, or any of our great neighborhoods in between... YOUR VOICE MATTERS!

My promise to you, is that I will work tirelessly to Unite Sparkling Clearwater from
Beach to Bay.  I will put my leadership abilities, educational background, and
experiences in business to work for you and your family. Together we can give

Clearwater a brighter future for this generation and generations to follow.


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Here are my 5 core foundational pillars
that we must focus on to move Clearwater forward
and protect the health and vitality
                                                 of our great city.                                                                                     
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Provide the Most Efficient & Effective City Services
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Champion Safe & Healthy Neighborhoods
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Concentrated Efforts in Balancing Destination vs. Livability
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Ensure Leadership is Fiscally Responsible With A Forward Vision
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Foster A Business Friendly Climate For ALL
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